As Quality and Patient Safety director, I am glad to introduce our work in Quality and Patient Safety Department.  We work as facilitators in implementing hospital standards by actively participating in developing hospital strategic plan, defining, developing and analyzing key process indicators to measure the hospital performance, enforcing application of evidence based practices as a part of daily activity by health care professionals in King Fahd Central Hospital and monitoring the outcome of hospital processes that support KFCH-GIZAN Vision and Mission. We strive to achieve our objectives by establishing excellence through team work.

To be the highly motivated quality team force facilitating patient satisfied, timely and safe, evidence based health care, aiming to achieve the international standards through constant monitoring of institutionalized patient focused services and improvement system

To be a quality leader through establishing sustainable scientific and evidence based quality improvement and management


Our strategic plan is an integrated part of Hospital Strategic plan that aims at achieving 100% compliance to hospital standards. We measure the hospital performance for critical hospital indictors to reduce bed occupancy rate and Length of stay by establishing strong referral system, supporting day care, reducing readmissions and premature discharges, reduce lab work turnaround time, operation scheduling time and OPD waiting time and adopting multidisciplinary team approach in achieving expected outcome of care processes. We support monitoring hospital wide education program to train staff on hospital standards and use system’s approach in reducing errors in practicing 


Our Quality improvement plan includes achieving our vision that is in line with KFCH-GIZAN vision by involving leadership in developing and monitoring hospital key process indicators, integration of Quality and patient safety with Statistics and clinical audit to create a data base for KPIs, Obtain customer satisfaction by patient and employee engagement, embedding evidence based practices through training and education of frontline champs, enhance management of information process by utilizing available information  technology and encouraging the concept of accountability and responsibility among KFCH-GIZAN employees by applying safe and Just culture





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